Alpine Flowers of Mt. Rainier, 2nd Edition

It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. David Giblin, collections manager for the University of Washington Herbarium, in the production of a new wildflower guide for the subalpine and alpine zones of Mt. Rainier. The guide is printed on waterproof, tear resistant paper, folds open to two sides of 18 " x 30 " showing 108 flowers commonly found above the tree line. The 2nd edition includes family names and habitat designations. We hope that this easy to use guide will become a valuable resource for further appreciation of the splendor of Rainier's flowers of the higher elevations.

(one side shown)

The guide is available at the gift shops and visitor centers in the Park as well as some outlets in the Seattle area including the Burke Museum, Barnes and Noble, and at Wapiti Woolies in Greenwater. Online purchases can be made through Discover Your Northwest ( Suggested retail price is $8.95. An app is also now available for $3.99 through the iTunes Store under 'books.' Proceeds will support the Herbarium's field research and education outreach activities. We are most appreciative of user reactions after use in the field and receiving comments and suggestions for improvement. Please direct them to

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