Flowers of the Subalpine Zone

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Avalanche Lily Arrow-lf. Buckwheat Beargrass
Erythronium montanum Eriogonum compositum Xerophyllum tenax
Bistort Brook Saxifrage Canby's Lovage
Polygonum bistortoides Saxifrage odonotoloma Ligusticum canbyi
Cascade Mtn. Ash Cutleaf Daisy Globe Anemone
Sorbus scropulina Erigeron compositus Anemone multifida
Gray's Lovage Elkslip Marsh Marigold Leatherleaf Saxifrage
Ligusticum grayi Caltha leptosepala Leptarrhena pyrolifolia
Field Chickweed Mapleleaf Currant Mountain Pennycress
Cerastium arvense Ribes acerifolium Thlaspi montanum
Narrow-lf. Cotton Gr. Nuttall's Linanthus Partridge Foot
Eriophorum angustifolium Linanthus nuttallii Luetkea pectinata
Pasqueflower Pasqueflower Pearly Everlasting
Anemone occidentalis
Anaphalis margaritacea