Wildflower Hike Map/Guide:

A wildflower hike can be a difficult thing to describe! According to the Park Service web site there are 890 species of vascular plants in the Park so naturally what is shown for each hike is merely a sampling of what can be experienced. The attempt here is to provide an easy to use simple two page guide for each hike with a map and narrative guide and flower index which can be printed back-to-back. The route of the hikes are usually divided into three or more sections, or "legs", since many of Rainier's great flower hikes transcend elevational zones and encompasses multiple habitats, thus the species distribuition will vary considerably within the hike. The narrative briefly describes each leg giving distance and elevation information and flower highlights. The flower index provides common and scientific names for the flowers shown on the map.


About the maps:

Special thanks to National Geographic TOPO! for permission through an extended user license agreement to use maps generated from the TOPO! series for Washington. Wildflower photo inserts are added to the map base along with trail routes and other information which obscures some of the map detail. A specific map scale is not provided on the base map but distance, grade and other information is provided in the narrative guide. These maps are not intended to replace other maps necessary for navigation or any other route finding purposes and other maps generated by TOPO!, Green Trail Maps or USGS Quad maps should be used for those purposes.

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