Wildflower Hike - Grand Park

Amidst the immense rugged and steep terrain of MRNP Grand Park seems oddly out of place. The marvelous nearly 1.5 mile flat plateau is a wildflower paradise. Two of The Park's endemic plants can be easily found here. The distance is approximately 9.0 miles round trip which includes an extension to a fabulous viewpoint off of the Northern Loop Trail. The best time is mid August. Check conditions before setting out.

Grand Park from the Mt. Fremont Lookout

- click on the photo to link to pdf file for printable two page map and guide/flower index -

Trailhead Note: The secret of Grand Park's access via the back door is long since out of the bag. The boot path to Lake Eleanor is not shown on most maps. However, Nelson's guide book describes this route and the Park Service tacitly recognizes/accepts it and some maintenance is done including the cutting of blow downs. The trailhead is where FS Road 73 crosses Eleanor Creek which is exactly 10 miles from Hwy. 410. The right turn off Hwy. 410 onto FS 73 is approximately 6.2 miles from Greenwater. If the four or five parking spaces near the trailhead are full parking along the shoulder of the very dusty road would be necessary.

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