Wildflower Hike - Green Lake (early)

The Carbon River area in the far northwest corner of the Park offers a great opportunity to see splendid early native growth. Starting at the park entrance experience a unique rain forest, follow a glacier fed river on the closed (permanently) Carbon River Road, and hike in one of the pristine old growth forests in the Park. Approximately 4.75 miles including the road. The best time is May - early June. Check conditions before setting out.

Green Lake in early June

- click on the photo to link to pdf file for printable two page map and guide/flower index -

Trailhead Note: The Carbon River entrance is approximately 18.0 miles from the junction of SR 410 and SR 165 in Buckley. Shortly after crossing the one lane bridge over the Carbon River the road forks with SR 165 heading off to the right to Mowich Lake. Stay left on the Carbon River (or Glacier) Road for about 7.5 miles to the entrance and the ranger station. The parking here used to be pretty much just to stop and check in with the rangers or to visit the rain forest. Now, due to the closure of the Carbon River Road upstream, this is the only trailhead parking for hiking originated from here. Therefore, in all liklihood parking will only be found along both sides of the road before the entrance.

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