Wildflower Hike - Mazama Ridge/Paradise Glacier

Bob Gibbons in his recent book "Wildflower Wonders, The 50 Best Wildflower Sites in the World" declared the astonishing display of flowers at Mazama Ridge as possibly the most flowery place in the world. Now, you decide! The 6.4 mile RT route heads straight toward The Mountain from Reflection Lakes and transcends the forest, subalpine and alpine zones. The best time is the flowering season of mid to late summer. Check conditions before setting out.

Subalpine meadow on Mazama Ridge

- click on the photo to link to pdf file for printable two page map and guide/flower index -

Trailhead Note: The hike begins at the Reflection Lakes parking area alongside Stevens Canyon Road and is approximately 16 miles from the Nisqually entrance. Head east along the north shoulder of the road which parallels the Wonderland Trail. Look for the trail at the east end of the parking area. Go a short distance to the junction, stay left on the Lakes Trail. Parking is usually not a problem except possibly in the afternoons in the height of the tourist season.

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