Wildflower Hike - Naches Peak Loop

This hike comes close to having it all; higher elevation, super access, doable for most levels of hikers, and a wildflower nirvana. But 'all' also means all of us. An early start on a week day will lessen congestion but not likely to provide much solitude. Very much worth it nevertheless. Hiked clockwise from Chinook Pass the hike begins on an incredible section of the infamous Pacific Crest Scenic Trail (PCT) and winds around Naches Peak to avail great views of The Mountain. Total distance is about 3.45 miles, 770' elevation gain. Check conditions before setting out.

Naches Peak from the Pacific Crest Trail

- click on the photo to link to pdf file for printable two page map and guide/flower index -

Trailhead Note: Even though parking may be available inside the Park at Tipsoo Lake or the picnic area, the best area is along SR 410 just east of the boundary a short distance from the log bridge overhead crossing. Two restrooms are available and this area is often used as a staging area for PCT equestrian users. This is a permit area and a forest service or interagency permit should be displayed. A short way path to the PCT begins next to informational display on the west side of the parking area.

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