Wildflower Hike - Panorama Point

Perhaps the quintessential Rainier wildflower hike. Here are the incredible Paradise flower fields that John Muir so admired. But there's more! The 4.25 mile loop route on the Skyline and Golden Gate trails takes you to the amazing Panorama Point with 'too close to be true' views of The Mountain and an awesome panorama southward of the Cascade peaks. The best time is the flowering season of mid to late summer. Check conditions before setting out.

The Muir steps outside of the Visitor Center

- click on the photo to link to pdf file for printable two page map and guide/flower index -

Trailhead Note: It's called Paradise for a reason; and when you can drive to it you have to expect company - lots of it! This is the primary visitor center in the Park and buses bring thousands of tourists here every season. The parking lot next to the Visitor Center fills up early and overflow parking is along the Paradise Valley Road and can turn out to be a long way from the trailhead. To have any chance of parking in the lot or even close it's critical to arrive very early. The experience of this hike is also enhanced with an early start and if the weekends are avoided.

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