Wildflower Hike - Spray Park

Experience one of the supreme subalpine landscapes in The Park. Woven amongst clusters of alpine firs the splendor of Rainier's flower fields are on full display. The park is accessed after a somewhat strenuous hike through a fully canopied forest with up and down terrain including a series of switchbacks. But worth the effort for most! Total distance round trip is 7.5 miles with net elevation round trip of over 2,700'. The best time is the flowering season of mid to late summer. Check conditions before setting out.

Spray Park from the eastern flank of Mt. Pleasant

- click on the photo to link to pdf file for printable two page map and guide/flower index -

Trailhead Note: Every year thousands of visitors endure the 17 mile potholed, gravel washboard Mowich Lake Road; many just to see the largest lake in The Park. Don't be surprised if parking is backed up along the road. Arriving early is essential to park in the lot near the campground. The trailhead is on the south side of the campground and is well marked. This area of The Park receives heavy snowfall and often the road does not open until very late in the season. Don't be disappointed, check its status before heading out!

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