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Splendor & Majesty


Wildflowers of Mount Rainier

...the most luxuriant and the most extravagantly beautiful of all the alpine gardens I ever beheld in all my moutain-top wanderings."

Muir had it right. Few other places afford such an alpine landscape that pronounces the splendor of such a lush and diverse flora posed before the majesty of such a mountain.

Splendor and Majesty, a Legacy...

Enjoy this virtual exploration of the splendor and majesty of the wildflowers of Mount Rainier. This site is dedicated to hikers and all those who, through their curiosity and enthusiasm for discovery, desire to more fully appreciate the glory of Mount Rainier National Park.

Here you will find 248 species of wildflowers, 13 wildflower hikes, hundreds of photos, and other valuable resources.

Meet Donovan Tracy, the creator of  Flowers of Rainier

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There are serveral ways you can explore the wildflower gallery



Wildflower Hike

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Berkeley Park Hike - Mount Rainier 10
Berkeley Park Hike - Mount Rainier 4

Thirteen wildflower hikes are described on this site, each with a map that includes photo inserts of flowers likely encountered on the hike. The simple two-page map/guide is available in pdf format and can be printed for use on the hike.

The hikes are divided into three or more sections, or “legs”, since many of Rainier’s great flower hikes transcend elevational zones and encompass multiple habitats leading to considerable variation in species distribution within the hike.

The guide briefly describes each leg, providing distance and elevation information along with flower highlights.

The flower index provides common and scientific names for the flowers shown on the map.