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Muir Steps at Mount Rainier

Splendor and majesty, a legacy…

In August of 1888 the famed naturalist John Muir had his first close encounter with Mount Rainier: “Out of the forest at last there stood the mountain, wholly unveiled, awful in bulk and majesty, filling

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Panorama Point Map

How to Plan Your Wildflower Hike

There are 246 miles of maintained trails and many miles of unmaintained ‘boot paths’ in Mount Rainier National Park. These trails offer exceptional opportunities to experience wildflowers for the day hiker, the primary audience of

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Hiking Mount Rainier Grand Park

Preparedness for Mount Rainier Hiking

More than 97 percent of Mount Rainier National Park is designated as wilderness. The wild nature of this environment offers wonderful opportunities but also presents some challenges.  It is recommended that hikers review the following

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Website References

Primary sources used for plant descriptions and species identification: The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington Herbarium Image Collection.  Giblin, D.E. & B.S. Legler (eds.). 2003+. WTU Image Collection Web

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