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Mount Rainier

Wildflower Hikes

There are 246 miles of maintained trails and many miles of unmaintained ‘boot paths’ in Mount Rainier National Park. These trails offer exceptional opportunities to experience wildflowers for the day hiker, the primary audience of this site.

Wildflower Hiking Maps

Below are thirteen wildflower hikes. Each have a printable PDF map and guide/flower index for wildflower viewing opportunities.

Read my article on hiking in Mount Rainier National Park to help you plan and be prepared for your adventure.

13 Wildflower Hikes of Mount Rainier
Click on the map to zoom in.

Wildflower Hikes to Explore

Berkeley Park

Map number: 11

Starting point: Sunrise

Burroughs Mountain

Map number: 10

Starting point: Sunrise

Dege Peak 

Map number: 13

Starting point: Sunrise

Frozen Lake

Map number: 8

Starting point: Sunrise

Grand Park

Map number: 12

Starting point: Forest Service Road 73

Green Lake

Map number: 1

Starting point: Carbon River

Mazama Ridge – Paradise Glacier

Map number: 5

Starting point: Stevens Canyon Road

Mount Fremont Lookout

Map number: 9

Starting point: Sunrise

Naches Peak Loop

Map number: 2

Starting point: Chinook Pass

Panorama Point

Map number: 4

Starting point: Paradise

Spray Park

Map number: 3

Starting point: Mowich Lake

Summerland – Panhandle Gap

Map number: 4

Starting point: White River

Tolmie Peak Lookout

Map number: 2

Starting point: Mowich Lake